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Post Features:

  • Natural white cedar 4" x 4" x 32" solid post
  • Large and stable rough red cedar base that may be clawed horizontally
  • Bungee cord toy to encourage clawing during training
  • 1.5" diameter Mouse Hole for treats and catnip
  • Includes Training Your Cat to Claw - an easy-to- use, effective training method

The tall, 32" white cedar post offers stretching opportunities for your cat while the X-shaped base provides a 24" square footprint for a stable foundation. Posts are made from rough-sawn, solid white cedar 4" by 4"s that have coarse but soft textures cats like to dig their claws into. The rough-side- up, red cedar, X-style base is also suitable for clawing and makes the post hard to tip or tilt—suitable for aggressive clawing by all cats, even Maine Coons. (Wobbly posts are a feline turn-off!) Features such as the bungee-cord Antenna and 1.5"-diameter Mouse Hole help people interest their cats in Natural Scratch and get them clawing where they should. The easy-to-read-and- use booklet Training Your Cat To Claw Natural Scratch teaches customers how to train cats to claw Natural Scratch exclusively; tips on discouraging inappropriate scratching are also included. Cats whittle the soft cedar into a sculpture.

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Natural Scratch 32" Cedar Cat Scratching Post

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  • $49.95

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