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Our Guarantee

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back...
If you follow the accompanying training method, but your cat never claws Natural Scratch, the purchase price will be refunded when the post is returned undamaged.
...But, Not A Set-And-Forget Solution
Although my personal experience and reports from customers convince me that any cat can be trained to claw a Natural Scratch product exclusively using the behavior-modification method that accompanies posts, planks, or slabs and each product's interactive features, some cats will need more training than others.  All cats are different and training and patience are bigger factors with some--just as they are with some children--than with others.

If you are looking for a set-and-forget solution to your cat's inappropriate clawing, Natural Scratch is not what you want. Given the many variables and differences, one cat to another, I don't think a set-and-forget solution exists, other than declawing, which is not a solution, in my opinion, but rather a painful operation for the cat and one that many owners regret.
I am confident, however, that if you are willing to work with your cat or cats consistently, patiently, and with kindness, Natural Scratch has features that give you very high odds of success.  Our goal is 100% satisfied customers.