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"Thank you so much for proving my hubby wrong. I have a wild cat that I caught several years ago whose big problem was scratching our wooden family room table. My husband said to me when I brought it (Natural Scratch) home, 'More money down the drain!' Well not really. Your product really does work. The cat stopped scratching the table after a couple of weeks."  J.D., Van Nuys, CA

"Got the scratcher--cat loves it. Thank you." K.A., Evansville, IL     

"We received our Natural Scratch system a while back and the new laser-etched logo is quite snazzy. We've had a devil of a time getting our nine month-old Maine Coon kitten to actually touch it, however. He does not react to catnip yet, so we couldn't lure him to it with that. I repositioned it several times until I found a spot he seemed to like and got him interested in the "feelers" (Antenna) and Mouse Hole on top. I figured if he handled the post enough and got his scent on it, he might begin to use it. I've only actually seen him use it once, but he must be using it when we're not around because I've noticed old claw sheaths on the floor around it. He still loves his other little scratchers and his cat tree, so he's got a scratcher in every room of the apartment. But I've got the Natural Scratch in the living room because it looks the nicest. If I can ever catch him in the act I will snap a photo!" V.M., Little Rock, AR

"My cat Dozer loves this post!  it really works! The first day it came, I did all the things you suggested in the training booklet and he took to it right away. He had been scratching on a wooden archway but now leaves it alone, thank goodness. Natural Scratch is tall and sturdy and he loves it. Thanks, again." C.M., Williston, FL

"The guys love the post. Your research has really paid off in the satisfaction department." E.C., Iowa City, IA  

"By the way, we have had our post for about 1.5 years now, maybe longer. The two 4-year old girls have taken to it gradually, encouraged by ample applications of catnip. They are now frequent and regular scratchers. The "baby," a stray now about a year old, took to it immediately (she was about 6 weeks when we found her) and paws the hell out of it. God knows what our furniture would look like without it." B.F., Columbus, OH

"We got the scratching post from you a few weeks back. Our cat took to it right away. After about two weeks, we went away for 4 weeks, leaving kitty at home with a sitter. We were a little worried that he would act out and claw up some furniture to get even but he didn't. He loves his Natural Scratch so much that he sometimes sleeps on it! I wouldn't have believed it but I've seen it with my own two eyes. Thanks so much for saving our home!" D.J., Northampton, MA

"Your great scratching posts have made a big hit with my "clan." The two you sent are being used regularly and are showing much "shaping" from the enthusiastic usage. I just ordered two more...one for me and another for a friend who has two cats...definitely a beginner! Thanks again for a great product. I'm passing the word to all car aficionados." A.H., Burton, OH

"Just a note to let you know my cats LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I have one cat that loves to scratch door frames and my antique dresser. He has been doing this for years and now, at last, I think he has lost interest in those and his attention is now on the cedar scratching post. We have tried numerous posts and he wouldn't even look at them. I didn't even have to train him on the Natural Scratch he went right to it. As soon as I stood it up, he went right over to it, sniffed it and away he went scratching. So thank you for the Natural Scratch. Our house is much quieter now that I'm not screaming and chasing my cat all over the house telling him to stop scratching on the door and dresser." D.F., College Station, TX

"Just wanted you to know the Natural Scratch post is up and in use. She seems to love it and particularly was interested in the yellow plastic at top. Did not pay much attention to the catnip. She is a long and tall girl, so, so nice to see her be able to stretch all the way to the top. Of course, I have the most intelligent cat in the nation, LOL!!!! Thanks again. R.C., Scottsdale, AZ

"Just wanted to let you know the post arrived and the cats all love it. Thanks so much for making it and for sending the tips on how to make it attractive to them. I have 4, by the way, so you know it was really needed!" E.M., Piedmont, SC

"I just wanted to voice my delight about your product. We've finally trained all of our cats to use it (we have one that's a little slow). I think I can recover some chairs now and not worry that they'll be destroyed again! Much success to you and yours! Thanks!!" S.T., Stillwater, OK

"Just wanted to let you know that I received your Natural Scratch. I have several cats and they all absolutely love it. I've been using the suggestions in your booklet and they really help, though most of them ATTACKED the post as I was assembling it. I am still working on changing one cat's behavior to dissuade him from scratching a door, so I may have to order another Natural Scratch and place it near the door. Placing the Natural Scratch near the table leg that one cat had recently targeted has really gotten her to stop. Anyway, just wanted to thank you. It is by far the best scratching post I ever bought." M.C., Brooklyn, NY

"I would like to also thank you for such a good quality product, this thing is built to last, no doubt about it, makes me wish I was a cat." T.C., Greensboro, NC

"The posts came late last week as you said they would. Our problem cat took to it right away. I have applied the two-sided tape to all of his old favorite scratching places, but I have seen no evidence that he has shown any interest in them since his posts arrived. I never dreamed it would be so easy. You provided just what we were looking for. Many thanks!!" H.H., Mountain Home, ID

"Very happy with it! Cats love it." L.S., Warren, AR

"I ordered one of your posts a month or so ago and I am very happy to report that my 'problem scratcher' has stopped using the door frames to sharpen her claws! I used your techniques to train her and I am very delighted with the results. I've given your URL to a coworker who has 9 cats. Thanks!" M.A., Fairfield, IA

"I purchased one of your cedar posts about three months ago, and I just needed to tell you that this has been money well spent. My cat LOVES his post and has stopped using the window casings in our sun room to sharpen his claws. Yes, the box it came in was indeed fascinating, but it took all of two minutes to figure out what he was supposed to do with the post. I pretended like I was scratching it, and he learned by imitation. Didn't do much for my nails, but it worked. Great product!" S.B., Madison, MS

"I would like to let you know that my two kittens love the post and took to it immediately. Thank you." J.W., Germantown, MD

"My devon rex kittens love it." S.G., Edison, NJ

"Thank you for creating the cat scratch. Our cats and couch love it." M.M., San Francisco, CA

"Just wanted to let you know the Natural Scratch arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful. I did exactly as your instructions suggested: Waited until my 9-month-old 'kitten' was asleep, assembled it, and placed it in a strategic position. She was extremely curious on awakening, especially with the catnip aroma. We played with the Antenna and she seems to be taking to it right away." M.W., Lansdale, PA

"I set up the scratching post Friday night, and Nana is using it already! Did what you suggested in your book (great book!), stuck the yellow toy thingie through the hole, she jumped up to get it, dug her claws into the post, and scratched! I put sticky tape on the sofa, where she was starting to scratch (where our "old" kitty had scratched), and this weekend, she went straight to her new post. I also rubbed and sprinkled catnip in and around the post--she loves catnip. She's very happy that there is one place she can scratch that doesn't get a big 'NO.'" C.J., Smyrna, GA

"Yep, this is a second order! My cats love the post and required no training on my part. In fact, one of my cats didn't wait for it to be assembled to use it. I removed it from the box and had it lying on the floor and she rubbed it with her whiskers and laid down on her side next to it and began scratching. She really played hard with it after I put it together." J.H., Iowa City, IA

"Thanks, and I'm happy to report that my two large cats are taking to the Natural Scratch quite well!" B.F., Decatur, GA

"The cats are very happy with their new, large post. Also, I very much like the new style of stand. The cats are scratching this as well. The new stand seems more sturdy and is more attractive." M.W., Louisville, KY

"I got the Natural Scratch post last Friday, so I had all weekend to play with the cats and get them introduced to it. We are having great success! Your training book has been a big help, too. I put catnip on it as well as some of their favorite toys, and they both took to it right away. They use the Natural Scratch almost exclusively, and they enjoy playing around and on it as well as scratching on it. I still have sticky tape on my chairs, so we may have more training to do once that comes off, but I just want to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer, and so are Smoky and Sammy." K.G., Fairfield, IA

"Just wanted you to know the Natural Scratch post is up and in use. She seems to love it and particularly was interested in the yellow antenna at top. Did not pay much attention to the catnip. She is a long and tall girl, so it's so nice to see her be able to stretch all the way to the top. Of course, I have the most intelligent cat in the nation, LOL!!!! Thanks again, and so glad I found your ad in Best Friends." R.C., Scottsdale, AZ

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