Frequently Asked Questions
Do cats get slivers from scratching Natural Scratch?
In more than a dozen years of selling Natural Scratch and with many thousands in use,
I have not received one report of a cat, kitten, or human getting a sliver from the scratching
post or base. White cedar is a soft wood that is often used on docks for its combination
of traction-producing roughness and weather-resistance.

What types of woods are used for Natural Scratch?
Scratching posts are 4" x 4" northern white cedar and bases, 1" x 5" western red cedar.

Why not declaw?
Declawing is cruel because it's a painful operation that leaves cats virtually defenseless. It's also
expensive and completely unnecessary.  Cat without claws are like birds without wings. Natural
Scratch will help you corral your cats' destructive power without declawing.  It's guaranteed!
Moreover, claws are cool and people who declaw miss out on a great feline characteristic.

Is it true that some cats use their claws to spear olives in their martinis?


What are the advantages of  northern white cedar?
Cats like Natural Scratch's Wisconsin-grown northern white cedar because they are programmed
to scratch and mark tree trunks in the wild. White cedar has the claw-pleasing roughness cats crave and
 is so soft they can easily dig their claws in for maximum scratching exercise and satisfaction.
It is also a very pretty wood that features shades of cream and tan and attractive grain patterns. In addition,
 it never looks frayed or unsightly and greatly outlasts other posts because it is solid to the core.

What sort of business is roygbvidesignsllc?
This is a small business that enjoys giving personalized and concerned service.  I don't
like being treated poorly and certainly wouldn't want to treat anyone in a way different from
how I like to be treated.  I am a major believer in the tried and true Golden Rule. 


Where did the name roygbvidesignsllc come from?

It's an acronym that helps people remember the colors of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo, and violet.  As the designer of Natural Scratch, I wanted a business name that wasn't
limiting and that alluded to something natural and colorful.  I first learned it in junior high.

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