Natural Scratch 32" Cat Scratching Post

Natural Scratch 32" Cat Scratching Post
Natural Scratch 32" Cat Scratching Post
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Natural Scratch White Cedar Cat Scratching Post

This is the original Natural Scratch that I developed 20 years ago.  Many thousands have been sold, and I am happy they have pleased cats and humans and saved claws.  Although the materials used for Natural Scratch products appeal to cats, our feline friends have minds of their own and often require training.  Click for more information on the easy-to-use training booklet that comes with every Natural Scratch product.

Recently, we moved the trademark disc from the front of the post to the top and eliminated the Reward Nest feature.  Customers used the Mouse Hole for treats and catnip, and we wanted to open more scratching area for cats and make the trademark more visible to humans.  

The Antenna is a stretchy bungee-cord string toy that cats love to play with.  When you scratch the Antenna in the Mouse Hole, cats go wild trying to get at it and this helps get them clawing Natural Scratch. The Reward Nest  is for catnip and kitty treats--excellent ways to reinforce good scratching behavior.

Note: White cedar posts often have cracks such as the one shown below and vary in color from light yellow to medium brown  The cracks do not affect the usability of the post and result from the softness of the wood; the fact that our posts are not klin-dried, which holds down costs; and humidity changes.  Some people press treats into the cracks to increase Natural Scratch's attractiveness to cats.  

Large And Solid Red Cedar Bases For Stability.

Quality, half-notch, dado-cut pieces fit together easily and solidly.  Base pieces are 3/4" deep, 4.5" wide, and 32" long, giving Natural Scratch an effective footprint  22" square. Two screws hold the post solidly to the base. Some simple assembly is required.


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